Performance Chemicals

  • As the improvement of living standards and application technologies, as well as the requirements of new market development; the demand for new type of high Specialty Chemicals is also increasing. A successful development and application of new chemicals, or will bring innovative development of some industries.

  • Neostar United focuses on research, development, production and sales of Specialty Chemicals, professional service in paper-making materials, optical materials, electronic materials, building materials, functional polymeric materials, adhesives, paint, ink and other industries, is committed to high-end application related to provide complete and can be industrialized solution. Especially in the paper-making chemicals and electronic chemicals, and other fields, Neostar United has advantage in core technology.

  • Future, in the field of Specialty Chemicals, Neostar United will always pay attention to customer needs, is committed to providing higher performance, stable quality products for customers, from all aspects of product design, energy production and the best engineering practice, we will be together with customers to create solutions to optimize the environment, contribute to the industry of technological innovation, the ecological improvement and the sustainable development of society.

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