Crop Protection

  • The wide application of Agrochemicals is an important symbol of modern agriculture.Without modern agrochemicals would be no modern agriculture. With the development of social economy and speed up the pace of modernization, the world demand for agrochemicals still appears a growing trend. Efficient and low toxicity of new agrochemicals emerge in endlessly. At present there are three main kinds:Herbicides, Insecticides and Fungicides, which are wildly used. 

  • Neostar United provide a variety of high quality technical product of Pesticide and intermediates to customers all over the world, and is committed to ensuring that our products can meet the most stringent requirements of customer about qualifications, quality control, and EHS etc. 

  • Future, in the field of Agrochemicals, Neostar United will give full play to our advantages in process development, equipment and technology, supply chain management, to provide one-stop service and optimization solutions for customers, create value for customers.

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