• The Pharmaceutical industry is closely related to human health and safety, bearing the important social responsibility. With the development of world economy, the growth of population and the improvement of social aging degree, lead to drug demand is on the rise, the global pharmaceutical market continued rapid growth in recent years. Therefore, Neostar United mainly offers Pharmaceutical Raw Materials, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients & Intermediates and other Pharmaceutical Intermediates also provide one-stop integrated service such as process development, process optimization and commercial production.

  • Neostar United focus on developing and producing APIs and intermediates of Anticancers, Antidiabetics, Antithrombosis, Antipsychotics, Antivirus and Cardiovasculars, etc. We strictly adopt and follow the ISO9001:2008 quality management systems standard. At the same time, our APIs workshop is designed and constructed in accordance with the cGMP standard, and provides customers with various analyses and testing service.

  • Future, in the field of Pharmaceuticals, Neostar United will continue to work effectively with multinational enterprises and colleges &universities, to absorb advanced technology, to develop our own technological advantages, and to adapt to the new competitive environment, and make an important contribution to the cause of human health.

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