EHS Management System

EHS Management System is Environmental Management System (EMS) + Occupation Health and Safety Management System(OHSMS).  Environment is cornerstone for sustainable development. The employees of the enterprise are the enterprise itself. The protection of the environment and the maintenance of the health and safety of the employees is the protection of the enterprise itself. We insist “three-in-one” ISO management systems. We arrange staff to do physical examination regularly, provide various  occupational precautions and giving good humanistic care. The internal and external management system audit and national safety production standardization certification make our company's management system getting better and better.

“Responsible Care” is a global action initiated by the chemical industry in order to continuously improve its performance in the areas of environmental protection, safety and health. We actively embrace and practice a global propose for responsible care. We execute throughthe Occupational Health and Safety Management System, which manages the occupational safety of all employees during the process of their operations to ensure that their daily operations meet the requirements of occupational safety. The system includes job risk assessment, security incentives, contractor management, security management system and many other contents.

  • Environmental Protection
  • Risk And Health
  • Risk Assessment
  • Security Incentive
  • Contractor Management
  • Security Management System
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