R&D Center

Neostar United R & D centers are located in Changzhou and Suzhou in Jiangsu Province, also has another center in Shanghai. Covering a total area of more than 5000 square meters, with modern experimental conditions and office environment, including synthetic technology laboratory, kilogram level laboratory, instrument and chemical analysis room, etc. The synthetic process laboratory is equipped with various advanced experimental equipments for research and development, which can undertake the development of multiple new varieties at the same time; the kilogram laboratory is used for the synthesis of kilogram products and the pre-stage amplification of large-scale production process to meet the different needs of different customers; the instrument and chemical analysis laboratory is equipped with gas chromatograph, high-performance liquid chromatograph, digital melting point instrument, digital polarimeter Ultraviolet spectrophotometer, acidimeter and other advanced detection instruments. Perfect facilities for our research and development to provide a strong hardware guarantee.

  • R&D center in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province

    Located in Xinzha Industrial Park, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. It has an experimental base of more than 1000 square meters, including synthetic technology laboratory, kilogram laboratory, instrument and chemical analysis laboratory, etc.The R&D center is dedicated to the research and development of new medicine, new pesticide and other fields.

  • R&D center in Shanghai

    The R&D area is 1000 square meters, equipped with VAC glove box, BiotageInitiator microwave synthesis instrument, BiotageisoleraOne preparation liquid phase, Julaboace high pressure catalytic hydrogenation reaction instrument and other large synthetic instruments.

    The center focuses on the research and development of high-end generic drugs and new drug. Innovative drugs involve antineoplastic drugs, antipsychotic drugs, cardiovascular drugs ophthalmic drug and other fields.

  • R&D center in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province

  • R&D center in Shanghai

R&D Team

The R&D team of Neostar United is all elites from various fields, with rich management experience and industrial experience, and excellent qualities such as guidance, affinity and execution.

In this team, the person who responsible for technical guidance is the professors of international famous universities more than 10 years before. A doctor graduated from a well-known university in China is responsible for specific research and development. Professional staff who work in domestic well-known pharmaceutical companies more than 10 years are responsible for analysis and quality control. Skilled workers who have been employed for more than 20 years responsible for the pilot test amplification and equipment maintenance.

They teach employees how to better complete tasks, better combine their personal interests with the interests of the team, and how to transcend themselves and plan their career.

From the perspective of "humanity", they understand, respect and cultivate employees with the concept of "humanistic concern". They take themselves as the example, carry the 'executive power' banner, walk in front of the team, and establish the team's efficient executive power system.

Core Technology

  • Anhydrous oxygen free reaction technology

    Some chemical reactions which are sensitive to air and water have been studied.

  • Rectification technology

    Separation and purification of liquid with similar boiling point were carried out by distillation method

  • Cheap metal catalytic oxidation technology

    No environmentally unfriendly oxidants, simple equipment requirements, green and sustainable oxidation synthesis.

  • Green Chemical Technology

    The company is committed to the study of the economy is technically feasible, using recycled materials that do not produce pollution to the environment, and harmless to humans in the design, manufacture and the use of chemicals, to reduce until to eliminate the use of reaction materials, reaction process, reaction products with the production and use of the reaction and the solvent which are harmful to human’s health and the environment. The company tries it’s best not to produce by-products as much as possible, and make full use of resources to achieve the recycling of resources to meet the needs of sustainable development.

Intellectual Property

All employees must sign a confidentiality agreement when they enter the company. Without the consent of the client, they shall never disclose any information concerning technical or commercial confidentiality to third parties, nor for any other purpose without agreement or agreement between the two parties.

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